Business Matters

The firm has been active in various business enterprises including formation of corporations and LLCs preparing corporate documents and buy-sell agreements. We also help businesses get the best possible outcomes in disputes with other businesses or individuals. This includes contract disputes, collection actions, employment matters, various liability issues, construction disputes, and many others. 

The Fite Law Firm also represents individuals against businesses in all of the aforementioned areas. 

We have helped many businesses write invoices that allow them to collect not just the money that is owed to them on the invoice, but also their costs and attorney's fees should legal action become necessary to collect money on the invoice. 
Here are just a few of the businesses that we represent:
McWhorter and Co., Inc.
Webb Concrete and Building Materials
ABS Business Systems, Inc.
American Homestar Corporation (Houston, TX)
Platinum Homes
ERA King Real Estate
Sunny King Automobile Dealerships
Signature in Home Care
Couch's Jewelers
Miller Sand and Gravel
The Kia Store
Top Notch Events, Inc.
David White Construction
Kilgore Construction, Inc.
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