About Us

As a full-service law firm, serving all of Calhoun County, Alabama, including Anniston, Oxford and Jacksonville, our experienced attorneys have a thorough background in many areas of the law, including:
  • Personal injury
  • Family Law
  • Medical malpractice, construction accidents, car, truck, commercial vehicle, and 18 wheeler  accidents.
  • Insurance Claims Litigation
  • Residential and commercial property claims, failure to pay, bad faith health and life insurance policies.
  • Employment Law
  • Sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, and policy drafting.

Other important areas of our legal practice include corporate & commercial litigation, bankruptcy law, real estate law, environmental law, and estate planning. Working with professional investigators and expert witnesses, our attorneys handle large cases and complex litigation in state, federal and appellate courts. Though the facts and circumstances of each case vary widely, our goals remain the same every time we enter the courtroom: we fight for fair outcomes and protect our clients’ interests every step of the way.